About Us

Well what do you want to know?

We aim to bring our aspiring ideas into your wardrobes. We want to take the world of urban streetwear to a whole new level by showcasing illustrative and thought provoking designs, that in turn allow our customers to truly express themselves to the world.

When we started Virtus in 2015, we had one goal, to be the waviest kids in the skatepark and the DJ booth. Neither of these goals were accomplished... But at the very least Virtus was born.

You've definitely heard our mantra by now 'Virtus Est Stylus' but we're so much more than that. Without sounding too moist, we're a family. When you order from us we welcome you into our family. That's all we really want from Virtus, to create a family of people that appreciate good style and great music.

Keep it icy.

Virtus Est Stylus